Jazz & Blues Report
(February 1996 • issue 208)

Colin Dussault’s Blues Project

Recorded Live At The Brothers Lounge

Erica Records

Local harpist Colin Dussault follows up his recent studio release with a week-end at his favorite watering hole. Actually, the band’s name is a misnomer, since the music covers a wider area than blues, as shown during “Tidioute, Pennnsylvania,” one nod to a lighter Youngbloods’ folk/country style, gently inched along by the flute of Ted Harris. Harris’ pipelike sound also comes into play during the “Memphis Under ground/Low Rider/Got Back” medley, as a counterpoint to Dussault’s harp work. Since it’s always fun to have guests show up for a live recording, Dussault didn’t reach far to get his dad, Artie Dussault (who played bass in local favorites like Audi-Badoo & Springwheel), to slap the four strings during the “T-Bone Shuffle” opener, before turning the rest of the night over to Tony Holt. Drawbacks? Although the recording come across clean, the flow isn’t quite right, as the name-dropping “I Am A Blues Man” should have closed the evening, with the harp and sax-led “Harp Thang/Mama Don’t Allow” medley being a better extension of the aforementioned “T-Bone Shuffle.” Plus, while a strong case could be made for the tribute numbers to Robert Lockwood, Jr. and Dussault’s late grandfather, the recording comes off, overall, way too parochial for its own good. It may be charming if kept here, still anyone In Chicago or St. Louis won’t get the north coast in-jokes, defeating any purpose of trying to expand this disc’s audience. This disc is a nice souvenir for any Colin Dussault fan who made it down there or, even worse, didn’t. If the band keeps expanding its parameters at the present rate, it might not be too long before they pick up the name Colin Dussault’s Music Project.

By Peanuts

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